Coffee Bear Silverton

is the happiest coffee shop in the world. We have been up and running since November 2016. Yes, we stay open year round. Yes, we serve food. Yes, we have way too much fun. 

We proudly serve Kaladi roasters Coffee in all forms. Drip? Yup. Espresso? You bet. Mochas? All day! Pumpkin Spice? Get out.

We are located in Silverton -- a historic, western, mining town nestled at 9,318' in the most beautiful mountains in the world(The San Juans!). Whether you're going off-road in the summer, or back-country in the winter, these mountains are tough, and you'll need a mean cup of coffee with a burly breakfast burrito to tackle them. we're here to help with our full menu

Conversely, if you need somewhere to sit, work, and upload pics to make your friends jealous, we have blazing wifi just waiting to be utilized.

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