The Beans


We carry four different roasts from kaladi coffee roasters. Since 2000, denver-based kaladi coffee roasters has had two major focuses: fair trade practices, and high quality roasts (and community, and education, and fun, and creativity, and art, and maybe a few other things...).


in working with fair trade certified farmers, kaladi  supports social, community, and environmental benefits. learn more about what "fair trade" means, and the associated practices here


With responsibly sourced, high quality beans, kaladi roasters use a "sivets single pass fluid bed air roaster," to produces the purest possible profile of each bean. for those who don't speak "coffee," this just means that the traditional way of roasting coffee is with a spinning drum that gets really hot, and beans sitting on a heated surfaces can result in burned beans. the sivets roaster uses heated air that flows over the beans to roast them, this allows for more precise heating and cooling of beans, which unlocks an optimized flavor profile. 

 below are the flavor profiles for each roast we carry. see what we do with these roasts on our menu. To learn more about kaladi coffee roasters, full flavor profiles, and sourcing information on each roast, check out their site!


Trieste espresso

Deep, rich, with a satisfying liquor flavor that doesn’t sour as the beverage cools.
— Kaladi Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Oromia

Light body, sweet, jasmine blossom aroma.
— Kaladi coffee roasters

Peru Cajamarca Andes Gold

Full body, sweet, dutch chocolate aroma.
— kaladi coffee roasters

Nicaragua SHG Sabor de Segovia

Medium to full body and soft, with an earthy aroma.
— kaladi coffee roasters